Legal Aid, Wrongful Death and Court Fees all require big changes in British Columbia.

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Wrongful Death Legislation in BC

The Call for a Wrongful Death Act in BC

We want the BC Government to bring in new legislation to ensure:
Accountability and CompassionToday.

We want an ACT, now!

Since 2005, the families of the Wrongful Death Law Reform Group (WDLRG) have been working in concert with other organizations to bring about a Wrongful Death Act, to ensure the lives of children, seniors and the disabled are no longer worthless in the eyes of the law. The existing law in BC only recognizes the financial losses of income-earners, rather than taking into account the loss of companionship, care, guidance and other forms of loss that occur after innocent people are killed due to the reckless, negligent actions of others. Click here  to read more about the background of the campaign.

The WDLRG, BC Coalition of People with Disabilities, Trial Lawyers Association of BC and Coalition Against No-Fault are original partners in this campaign, and more than 100 other organizations signed on in support of their initial recommendations. Subsequently, in the summer of 2011, the people involved created draft legislation entitled the Wrongful Death Accountability Act. The document provides a comprehensive solution to the weak and unfair law in place at present, the Family Compensation Act – legislation that originated in the United Kingdom 165 years ago.

Here is an explanatory file, a companion piece to the draft legislation.  


An anthology of real-life stories of wrongful death, In Their Name, was submitted to the BC Attorney General’s Ministry in 2008 several months after the provincial government concluded a consultation (September 2007) regarding the laws in BC that govern cases of wrongful death and compensation of fatal injuries. A related video, Wrongful Death Reform, was created in 2009.

Building on discussions in 2009 with BC’s Attorney General at the time, i.e. the Honourable Mike de Jong, the Trial Lawyers Association of BC submitted a document that outlines six objectives for reforming the existing legislation, references superior laws in effect at present in five US-based jurisdictions and provides a blueprint for specific wording that could be used in a new piece of legislation for British Columbia.