Legal Aid, Wrongful Death and Court Fees all require big changes in British Columbia.

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  • Support The Call for A Wrongful Death Act in BC
  • Support The families who have suffered the loss of a loved one
  • TAKE ACTION: Urge Premier Christy Clark for an ACT, now!


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Subject: Enact Now - BC Needs a Wrongful Death Act, Now!

At present, the law in BC only values the lives of income-earners. Our children, seniors and people with disabilities are worthless in the eyes of the law! The current law continues to fail far too many families, the ones who have lost loved ones through incidents of wrongful death. It has failed families ever since it was created in the United Kingdom, way back in 1846.

Bring in legislation to ensure Accountability and Compassion - Today.

An ACT, now! It is time to put families first. Act now to enact now!
Support the groups in British Columbia calling for a Wrongful Death Act.

Every life should be valued, so please do not let the lives of children, seniors and people with disabilities continue to be worthless in the eyes of the law!

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NOTE: The families and organizations involved are grateful for your support!