Legal Aid, Wrongful Death and Court Fees all require big changes in British Columbia.

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Wrongful Death

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of beloved family member’s wrongful death

Groups and surviving family members renew their call for a Wrongful Death Act June19-2009-News-Pereira June 19, 2009 Today Marks the 3rd Anniversary of Beloved Family Member’s Wrongful Death: Groups and Surviving Family Members Renew Their Call for a Wrongful Death Act Family members of people killed due to the negligence of others continue to call for a Wrongful Death Act in British Columbia,...
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Wrongful Death Legislation required throughout Canada

New Federal legislation should be amended to adopt the made-in-BC definition for a proposed Wrongful Death Act June4-09_news_wrongfuldeath-nationally.pdf June 4, 2009 Wrongful Death Legislation Required throughout Canada: New Federal Legislation Should be Amended to Adopt the Made-in-BC Definition for a Proposed Wrongful Death Act If justice is the goal, federal Bill C-35 is a step forward but...
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Mother still calling for justice 11 years after her daughter was killed

Wrongful Death Act needed now for families in British Columbia 8-October-08-CANFnews October 8, 2008 Mother Still Calling for Justice 11 Years after Her Daughter was Killed: Wrongful Death Act Needed Now for Families in British Columbia Family members of innocent victims of wrongful death continue to suffer due to British Columbia’s lack of a Wrongful Death Act, a reality that is particularly ...
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